What Our Patients Say

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Allen Chiropractic Neurology has been improving the quality of lives of Georgetown residents for over 16 years.  With a local history as long as ours, you needn’t simply take our word for it. Here are a few thoughts about us and our practice from some of the hundreds of patients we have helped over the years.


Female, Age 42
“I first came to Dr. Allen’s office because of tremors with my hands. The medical doctor told me to “just live with it.” It was embarrassing to not be able to hold a glass still. After several treatments, Dr. Allen has eliminated the tremor completely. She doesn’t just treat the symptoms but finds the cause of the problem and fixes it.”

Female, Age 44
“After brain radiation for treatment of tumors, I was experiencing a serious lack of balance every morning and also blurred, double and jumpy vision. Dr. Allen has methods to determine the specific type of brain imbalance. After a series of adjustments with repeat testing, I showed a huge improvement with both problems. She also gave me exercises to continue at home that have been soothing and helpful. The experience was a major relief.”

Female, Age 42
She came to Allen Chiropractic Neurology with problems with migraines, nausea, vomiting, fear of falling and coordination problems. She had seen internists, neurologists and chiropractors. Through treatment she is now off all medication and hasn’t had any migraines and hasn’t had to go to the ER due to the pain and vomiting. “I’m thrilled to be back to normal!”

Female, age 61,
lived with a movement disorder of facial tremors and bletherospacticity with inability to open her eyes. She hadn’t driven since 1996. She had great difficulty eating and her teeth constantly chattered. She had tried all types of medication and even had botox injections in her face and neck to “deaden the nerves”. Through treatment and visual stimulation, her condition has dramatically improved and she is now driving again.

Female, age 43,
complained of numbness in her hands. Through treatment her symptoms completely resolved without the use of drugs.

Female, age 74,
was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and told she needed shots in her back. Her symptoms included backaches and numbness in her toes. After just one treatment her symptoms resolved and have not returned.

Male, age 9,
began treatment for headaches and stomach aches. Through treatment he is now symptom free and feels great.

Female, age 69,
had dizzy spells for over 30 years with multiple visits to neurologists and MRI’s. The doctors couldn’t find the source of her problem.
“Dr. Allen determined what area of my brain was involved with my dizzy spells. She adjusted me and gave me eye exercises and I haven’t had any more dizzy spells.”