About Allen Chiropractic Neurology

Allen Chiropractic Neurology is a corrective and preventive care chiropractic practice located in Georgetown, Texas.  We specialize in Chiropractic Neurology, which is a sub-specialty of chiropractic practice.  Our doctors have been practicing Chiropractic Neurology since 1996, and are certified with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

The ACNB defines the chiropractic neurologist as “someone who uses your body and the environment and the technique of adjustment to bring about improvements in your health. The chiropractic neurologist uses the muscular skeletal system as it interacts with the neurological system to improve your quality of life. The medical neurologist uses medications and refers for surgery. Chiropractic neurologists do not do neither of these, they do not prescribe medications, they may recommend non-prescription supplements.”

At Allen Chiropractic Neurology, we understand that successful health care is the result of treating the whole person, not just an isolated symptom. We treat all patients — from infants to the elderly — using gentle, non-invasive and natural techniques.

Allen Chiropractic Neurology provides corrective and preventative care for neurological conditions, such as vertigo, carpel tunnel or nerve problems. Our holistic,non-invasive and drug-free treatments are specifically designed to help you eliminate symptoms and achieve long-term health and vitality.

  • Neck, back, shoulder and leg pain
  • Whiplash
  • Sports injuries
  • Migraines
  • Infants and children’s exams
  • Neurological conditions